Become an Advocate for Restaurant Food Safety!

Become an Advocate for Restaurant Food Safety! - No A? Walk Away!

Have you ever wanted to become an advocate for change in your community? It’s now easier than ever with our new advocacy cards. You can personally make a difference in the fight against foodborne disease with a click of a few buttons, a snip of your scissors, and a trip to your favorite restaurant. That’s right, this version of advocacy includes eating a relaxing meal at the restaurant of your choice. Are you interested yet? Read on to learn more!

To become an advocate for restaurant food safety in your area, go to our brand new advocacy page and download the free printable advocacy cards. Whenever you go out to eat, bring a few cards with you. When you go to a restaurant with an A score, give your server or another restaurant employee a congratulations card to encourage them to keep up the good work. If you visit a restaurant that has a score below an A, give the host or a manager a disappointment card to let them know you will be back as soon as their score gets better.

We hope you will join us in advocating for restaurant food safety. Click here to become an advocate today.

Have you distributed advocacy cards to restaurants in your area? Tell us your advocacy story in the comments.