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For Restaurants - No A? Walk Away!

Has your restaurant received one of these cards? These cards are being passed out by advocates of restaurant food safety. (If you are interested in becoming an advocate, click here to learn more.) These advocates may be children who learned about restaurant food safety from the No A? Walk Away! program, adults who are interested in reducing their risk of contracting foodborne disease, or families who are working together to advocate for restaurant food safety.

These advocates have all decided to eat in restaurants with only an A score. Although you may consider this decision to be too strict, a study conducted by Kobayashi, et. al found that “restaurants with poor inspection scores and violations of proper temperature controls of potentially hazardous foods were, respectively, five and ten times more likely to have outbreaks than restaurants with better results.” You can read more about this here and here.

Our hope is that these cards will encourage you to take the measures necessary to keep your restaurant’s food safety score an A. If your restaurant already has an A, we want to thank you so much for making food safety a priority. If your restaurant does not currently have an A score, we want to encourage you to improve your food safety before your next health inspection. Once you have an A, you may be surprised at the number of customers you gain.

If you want to learn more about No A? Walk Away!, please take a look around. There are funny educational videos, hands-on activity ideas, and many other resources about restaurant food safety available on this site for free. You may even learn something yourself!

The intent of these cards is to empower consumers to respectfully make a difference in their community. If you were given a card with different words than the image above, or you were given a card in a disrespectful manner, please contact us. Any cards different than the cards shown above are not affiliated with No A? Walk Away!