Pizza Delivery and Food Safety

Pizza Delivery and Food Safety - No A? Walk Away!

Everyone loves to order pizza every now and then. How are you supposed to know if your favorite pizza delivery place practices good food safety habits? Continue reading to learn how to make sure your pizza is safe.

Delivery Places Are Restaurants

Although you may never step a foot inside of your favorite pizza delivery place, a restaurant inspector definitely will. All delivery places are considered restaurants, even if they don’t have table service. This means they all have food safety scores that you should be checking before purchasing your food.

Calling? Just Ask!

When you call the people who make your favorite hawaiian pizza, ask them to tell you their food safety score before you order. If they tell you the score is below an A, tell them you are disappointed in their score and that you won’t be purchasing pizza from them until they make food safety a priority. If you’d like, you can even tell them about No A? Walk Away! before you say “Hope you have a nice day!” and hang up the phone. If they have an A score, go ahead and order those two medium pizzas with everything on them.

Ordering Online? The Department of Health is Your Friend

If you order your delivery food online, it is a little bit more complicated. You need to find the address of the delivery place, and then look it up on your state or county’s restaurant inspections list. This does take a bit longer than calling, but taking three minutes to look up the food safety score could possibly mean the difference between contracting a foodborne disease or not.

How Often Should I Check?

In Georgia, restaurants are inspected about every six months. Since you don’t know your local restaurant inspector’s schedule, I suggest checking the food safety score about every three months. Remember, the five minutes it takes you to check the food safety score could keep you from becoming sick!

How did your favorite pizza delivery place respond when you asked for their food safety score? Let us know in the comments.

• Picture of pizza by Herry Lawford •