Activity Ideas

Activity Ideas - No A? Walk Away!

Below are links to fun activities we have created to go along with the videos. Most of the activities can be done with only an adult’s help, but each can be also completed in a group. If you have a finished activity you really enjoyed, be sure to send us your results here.¬†With your permission, we may even publish your results on the blog! Now, go ahead and have some fun learning about food safety!

Causes of Foodborne Illness
Find out what causes foodborne illness by completing a research project.

Food Safety Advertising Campaign
Create an advertising campaign to teach others about food safety.

Food Safety Inspections Debate
Learn about both sides of the food safety inspections debate in a fun way.

Food Safety Laws
Improve food safety in your area while learning about the lawmaking process.

Hand Washing Methods
Experiment to find the best way to wash your hands.

How Germs Spread on Hands
Discover how germs spread in this hands-on activity.

How Germs Spread to Food
Learn how germs spread to food with this experiment.

How Sneezing Spreads Germs
Use a spray bottle to find the best way to stop your sneeze from spreading germs.

Influencing Food Safety
Many people influence food safety. Find out how many in this activity.

Preparing Food Safely
Plan a meal and think about the preparation process to make sure your food is cooked safely.

Restaurant Chefs and Food Safety
Learn how restaurant chefs keep our food safe with this fun activity.

Restaurant Food Safety Perspectives
Conduct interviews and internet research to learn about the many restaurant food safety perspectives.

Restaurant Inspectors
Pretend to be a restaurant inspector to experience the entire restaurant inspection process.

Restaurant Safety Guidelines
Research the restaurant safety guidelines in different parts of the country.

Susceptibility to Foodborne Illness
Learn which foods are most susceptible to contracting foodborne diseases.

Temperature and Germ Growth
Experiment with potatoes to discover if temperature affects germ growth.

The Importance of Refrigeration
See how refrigeration affects food in this experiment.