How Sneezing Spreads Germs

How Sneezing Spreads Germs - No A? Walk Away!Guiding Question:
How can sneezing spread germs to food?

spray bottle; water; blotter or colorful construction paper


  1. Fill the spray bottle with water. Cut the paper out in the shape of a slice of bread or other food item.
  2. “Sneeze” with the spray bottle aiming at the paper.
  3. Spray the bottle at another piece of paper, but this time from five feet away.
  4. Repeat at varying distances.
  5. Repeat with your hand in front of the spray bottle “nose.”
  6. Repeat once again, but this time “sneeze” into your elbow.

Be sure to record all of your observations.

Additional Questions:
Assuming the water droplets contained actual germs, what conclusions can you make from your data?

Why do you think sneezing into your elbow is now preferred to sneezing into your hand?

How many people could catch “germs” from the same sneeze?

How far away does a person have to be from an uncovered sneeze to remain “germ” free?

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