Temperature and Germ Growth

Temperature and Germ Growth - No A? Walk Away!Guiding Question:
How does temperature affect germ growth?

peeled raw potato slices; bags; labels; refrigerator; latex gloves


  1. Put on a pair of latex gloves.
  2. Place one potato slice in a sealed, labeled bag and place it on the counter.
  3. Repeat with another potato slice and place it in the refrigerator.
  4. Remove gloves and handle one potato slice. Pass it from person to person and/or drop it on the floor. Place it in a labeled bag, seal it, and place it on the counter.
  5. Repeat with another potato slice, but place this bagged slice in the refrigerator.

Check all four potato slices once a day for a month and record your observations.

Additional Questions:
What effect did refrigeration have on germ growth?

Did how you handle the potato affect the results? How?

What do you think the results would be if the potato were cooked instead of raw?

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