Advocacy - No A? Walk Away!

As part of the No A? Walk Away! program, we would like your students to become advocates for restaurant food safety. When students participate in advocacy programs such as this, they are developing important life skills. Among these skills are:

  1. Learning about issues that may affect the quality of life for themselves and others
  2. Learning how to communicate their intended message effectively
  3. Learning how to respectfully disagree with others
  4. Learning how to enlist others to join their cause
  5. Learning how to use a variety of appropriate methods to encourage others to change their ways

To make advocating for restaurant food safety easier, we have created cards to distribute to restaurants. When you go to a restaurant with an A score, give your server, the host, or a manager a congratulations card. If you visit a restaurant that has a score below an A, give the host or a manager a disappointment card before you walk away.

Please be respectful when giving a card to an employee. Remember, it isn’t necessarily this employee’s fault that the restaurant has poor food safety habits. Also, be sure to only give out a disappointment card if you can make the commitment of not returning to the restaurant until they have an A score. If you continue to visit the restaurant, your message won’t be as strong as it could have been.

You can click the links below to download the cards. The congratulations and disappointment card documents are both formatted to be used with pre-cut business cards purchased from an office supply store. You can also print the cards on plain paper and cut them out yourself. The starter kit is perfect for helping others begin advocating for restaurant food safety. The starter kit is one page, and it contains four congratulations cards, four disappointment cards, and instructions on how to distribute the cards.

Congratulations Cards
Disappointment Cards
Cards Starter Kit