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Children's Books - No A? Walk Away!

Listed below are some books relating to food safety and germs. Links to Amazon and WorldCat (the largest library catalog) are provided for your convenience. Please preview these books before letting your children or students read them.

Germ Hunter: A Story About Louis Pasteur by Elaine Marie Alphin  Amazon • WorldCat
Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger  AmazonWorldCat
Food-Borne Illnesses by Ruth Bjorklund  Amazon • WorldCat
Magic School Bus Chapter Book #6: The Giant Germ by Anne Capeci  Amazon • WorldCat
Lots of Rot by Vicki Cobb  Amazon • WorldCat
Sid the Science Kid: The Trouble with Germs by Jennifer Frantz  Amazon • WorldCat
Food Safety by Joan Kalbacken  Amazon • WorldCat
The Good, The Bad, The Slimy: The Secret Life of Microbes by Sara L. Latta  Amazon • WorldCat
Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs by Bill Nye  Amazon • WorldCat
Slime, Molds, and Fungi by Elaine Pascoe  Amazon • WorldCat
Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross  AmazonWorldCat
The Digestive System by Darlene R. Stille  Amazon • WorldCat
Germs Are Not for Sharing by Elizabeth Verdick  AmazonWorldCat