Food Safety Links

Food Safety Links - No A? Walk Away!

We’ve searched the web for many hours looking for food safety links. This page lists the best resources around the web for learning about or teaching food safety. We don’t endorse any of these websites, but we do think you will find them helpful. If you find a great resource you think we should link to, please contact us.

Find restaurant food safety scores in your area online!
If you live in Georgia, click here. If you live elsewhere, click here to go to the Food Safety News list of databases. Find the database for your county or state and then bookmark it. Now you can check the food safety scores of restaurants from the comfort of your own home. If your state or county is not listed on the Food Safety News list, please contact us and we will try to help you. 

4 Day Throw Away
Watch funny 30 second videos encouraging others to throw away their leftovers within 4 days. An iPhone app with leftover food timetables is also available through the site.

Caring About Food Safety
This short, interactive course provided by British Columbia’s health department teaches older children how to shop for, prepare, and eat food safely.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Food Safety Site
Learn why the CDC says food safety is a winnable battle. This is also a great resource for trustworthy facts about foodborne illnesses.

FDA/NSTA Partnership in Food Science
Find free online lesson plans and resources about food safety and nutrition.

The Food Detectives Fight BAC! Game
Solve four different detective cases and watch videos to learn about food safety.

The government’s official resource for food safety information, educational tools, and recalls.

Food Safety Magazine and Food Safety News
Get the latest news on food safety recalls and restaurant inspections at these two sites.

Food Safety Music
Listen to food safety music set to the tune of popular songs by Dr. Carl Winter.

Hands On Classrooms
Access a free food safety curriculum for middle school students.

Kansas State’s Food Safety Site
Watch videos and access resources about food safety. This site also has videos about food safety specifically for senior citizens, entitled “Food Safety for Boomers and Beyond”

National Coalition for Food Safe Schools
Find tools for teachers and students to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks in the school.

National Restaurant Association’s Food Safety Site
Read articles directed toward restaurant managers about restaurant food safety and health inspections.

Ninja Kitchen Game
Play this free game where you play a ninja managing a safe kitchen. Make sure you don’t get points taken away by letting food sit out for too long or cross-contaminating vegetables with raw meat.

Partnership for Food Safety Education
Access free curriculum, videos, and activities about food safety in the home.

Penn State’s Food Safety Resources for Educators
Access brochures and a free curriculum for middle school students about food safety.

Restaurant Inspections in Your Area
This list contains links to almost every restaurant food inspection database available in the United States. This resource allows you to check restaurant food safety scores before entering the restaurant.

Seattle & King County Mock Food Inspection
Take an online tour of a restaurant inspection with a real restaurant inspector from Seattle! Watch the four minute video of the inspector doing his job, and then click through the mock food inspection to try it yourself.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Food Safety Education for Consumers Page
Access videos, presentations, and fact sheets about food safety.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Site for Kids and Teens
Play fun games while learning about food safety. This page also links to “Science and Our Food Supply,” a free food safety curriculum for middle school and high school.

United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Education Site
Download free educational materials relating to food safety.