Teachers - No A? Walk Away!

The No A? Walk Away! program is excellent for use in science and health classrooms or homeschools. The program contains videos on four basic subjects in food restaurant safety: restaurant food safety scores, washing hands in a public restroom, eating safely and handling restaurant leftovers safely.

Each video has additional activities to increase the depth of learning on that issue. We have also provided a list of children’s books on related topics as well as links to activities and materials on other sites.

The videos and activities on this site can be used individually or as part of a unit on restaurant food safety. The videos can also be viewed without doing any of the additional activities. Activities are not leveled to allow for differences in curricula between schools.

To assist you in your planning, we have created quizzeslearning objectives for the program and each video, and a sample parent letter to send home with your students.

If you use any part of the No A? Walk Away! program in your school or homeschool, we would love to hear your story. Contact us with any stories about student reactions or suggestions for new activities you may have. With your permission, we may even publish them on the blog!