Videos - No A? Walk Away!

Want to learn about restaurant food safety while watching some hilarious videos? You’ve come to the right place! You can find four short videos about topics relating to food safety right here. Enjoy!

Food Safety Scores
Learn about restaurant food safety scores. Join Christopher as he teaches his grandpa and dad how to find the restaurant food safety scores and what score a restaurant should have to be safe.

Hand Washing
Learn how to wash hands properly in a public restroom. Thea’s grandmother teaches her the wacky, wonderful, whimsical hand washing method to help Thea remember how to wash her hands properly before eating in a restaurant.

Eating Safely
Learn how easily germs can be spread in a restaurant by improper handling of food and utensils. Watch as restaurant diners demonstrate the proper way to handle various situations that can make food unsafe to eat.

Leftovers & Takeout
Learn how to transport, store, and re-heat restaurant leftovers safely. Join a rehearsal of the musical LARD as the teens learn how to handle restaurant leftovers safely.