No A? Walk Away! is an educational program designed to teach children and families about restaurant food safety. The program includes four funny videos, seventeen hands-on activity ideasteaching resources, and additional materials. Participants learn how to choose a restaurant with a good food safety score, wash their hands in public restrooms, eat safely in restaurants, and transport and store their leftovers safely. In addition to learning about restaurant food safety, children have the opportunity to become advocates for restaurant food safety in their community.

This program was created by Katrina W. for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. When Katrina noticed the food safety scores of the restaurants in her city were poor, she decided to see what she could do to improve restaurant food safety in her area. Katrina soon realized she needed to educate consumers about restaurant food safety so restaurants would make food safety a priority. Combining her love for education, video creation, and web design, Katrina created No A? Walk Away!

No A? Walk Away! has reached over 116,000 families thanks to both community and national interest. The program has been featured in food blogs, homeschool newsletters, and local news outlets. In addition, individuals from McAlister’s Deli corporate, Centers for Disease Control, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, and Girl Scouts have been very interested in the program. If you are interested in promoting No A? Walk Away! or partnering with us, please send us an email.